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Secret Underground Techniques Busted – 27.65% CTR Available with Just Testing

I keep seeing ads for ‘magical ad writing’  systems where the screenshot includes a few keywords with 12-14% CTRs.

Sounds great?

Until you see the keywords only have 8-15 clicks, and none of the screenshots on the entire sales page have over 20 clicks.

Let’s put those ultra-secret-underground systems in comparison with an actual campaign that went through just good ad copy testing techniques.

There was nothing magical about our techniques; anyone can do it.

Below is a screenshot of one of our campaigns (not even the account, just a single campaign) that has 209,052 clicks with a 10.54% CTR (and yes, conversion rates matter, but we’re just talking CTR right now).

When I created this campaign’s screenshot, I filtered out a lot of keywords – every one that didn’t have at least 1000 clicks.

Our highest CTR keyword is 100%, but our highest CTR keyword with at least 1000 clicks is 27.65% and it has 5,531 clicks.

We have another keyword with 27,657 clicks and a 17.63% CTR. None of these keywords are brand terms. They are all generic searches.


Those are just some keywords. What about the ad CTRs?

Here’s a screenshot of just one ad group’s ad copy:


As you can see, the ad CTRs are pretty decent. However, we also have deleted ads that have another 526 clicks (and average of 11.91% CTR).

They are deleted because those ads failed in our tests. Not every ad we write is a winner; hence why testing is so important.

You will never write the winning ad for every ad group on the first try.


There are so many psychological factors going through the searcher’s mind that make them click or not click that you can never know exactly what will be the best CTR (or best conversion rate) ad copy if you only write one ad.

Next Time You See Unbelievable Promises….

Next time you see some mystical, one-page-wonder, ad copy writing system just do me one favor: When you look at the screenshots – examine how many clicks are included.

Then look at this screenshot.

If their numbers aren’t higher – don’t use it. It doesn’t take some ultra-underground-no-one-knows-magical-amazing-secret-unknown-never-revealed-until-now-technique-that-only-the-experts-use to write good ads that have high CTRs and high conversion rates.

All it takes to get fantastic CTRs is solid testing methodology and good ad writing techniques.

If you want to learn how to do this yourself, just head over to Certified Knowledge, we’ll show you all of our ad copy writing tips.

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