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Since Google AdWords is so complex, this book is intended to be used in two ways. First, read it straight through to learn about the different strategies possible. After you have read it once, then this book is intended to be a reference book that you can refer back to as you are optimizing your account.

Each chapter ends with a best practices section that contains easy-to-comprehend points about the subject material to quickly refresh your memory.

Secondly, the last chapter of this book is a step-by-step guide to getting things done. Refer to that chapter when you are opening or optimizing accounts and follow along. If there is a step where you need more information, simply refer back to the chapter where that topic is covered in detail.

By reading and then referring back to this book, implementing new AdWords strategies to optimize your account will save you time and money.

Chapter 1: Understanding Search Theory: Learn the history of PPC advertising and the psychology of search.

Chapter 2: Keyword Research: How the buying funnel and your keywords work together. Control when your ad is displayed through using a combination of both positive and negative keywords.

Chapter 3: Keyword Tools: Extracting Valuable Data from Google: Learn how to combine Google’s spiders with a dictionary to improve your keyword research. Learn how to use other Google & and Microsoft free tools to improve your account.

Chapter 4: Writing Compelling Ads: From benefits to features to trademarks to Unique Selling Propositions:  Learn to write ads that connect with the searcher.

Chapter 5: Landing Pages that Convert Searchers into Buyers: Learn how to choose the best page on your site for every keyword. Then ensure the proper elements of usability, trust, and option control exist on the page to convert the searcher into a buyer.

Chapter 6: Advanced Optimization Techniques: Learn strategies for increase increasing conversion rates, click- through rate, traffic, and ad impressions.

Chapter 7: Demystifying Quality Score: Each quality score factors is torn apart, examined, and put back together so you can see exactly how your quality score is determined. Then, learn strategies for managing and increasing quality scores.

Chapter 8: Beyond Text: Image, Video, and Mobile Ads: There is more to Google than text ads. Dive into the best uses of video, image, and mobile ads.

Chapter 9: Understanding the Content Network: The content network may be the most misunderstood and least optimized section part of AdWords. Understand how the content network really works and how to start taking advantage of it.

Chapter 10: Advanced Content Network Techniques: The content network’s reach is significantly larger than Google’s search reach. These techniques will help you find new customers that who have never searched for your products.

Chapter 11: Advanced Geographic Targeting: Control exactly where your ad is shown. Understand the technology so you can avoid pitfalls and take advantage of displaying unique messages through location targeting.

Chapter 12: Save Time & and Scale Accounts with the AdWords Editor: When accounts include hundreds of thousands of keywords, and tens of thousands of pieces of ad copies, they can be difficult to create and optimize. This chapter will examine how to save you time in creating and managing small to enormous accounts through the AdWords Editor.

Chapter 13: Profitable Bid Strategies: Examine your business model so that you can set and measure your marketing goals to ensure your company is profitable. Then, learn to how to set and manage bids by ROI, profit, position, day of the week, and time of day. Formulas and Excel walkthroughs are included so no one gets lost in the math and calculations.

Chapter 14: Successful Account Organization Strategies: Success starts with account organization. Read tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you find the correct organization for your AdWords account.

Chapter 15: Testing Techniques That Will Increase Profits: Testing ad copy and landing pages are is essential to continuously increasing profits. Learn not just how to create and measure a test, but find out also how to determine how much money you make every single time an ad is displayed.

Chapter 16: AdWords Reports: How to Extract Actionable Information: Learn how to create and use all the valuable data that your AdWords account accumulates. Create a reporting schedule so that you always have access to the data necessary to improve your account.

Chapter 17: Step- by- Step: Create & and Monitor Your AdWords Account: After sixteen 16 chapters packed with information, it is time for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create and optimize each campaign type based upon what you have learned. Refer back to this chapter every time you are working in AdWords to see what to do next.

Glossary: If you do not recognize an acronym or piece of jargon, refer to this handy reference guide to look up the term.

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