Brad Geddes / PPC Geek
Official AdWords Seminar Leader.
Author of Advanced Google AdWords.
Co-Founder, Adalysis.
(312) 884-9017

PPC Tools.

Brad Geddes is the co-founder of Adalysis; a PPC recommendation engine.

Adalysis automates ad testing for single ad groups while allowing you to test patterns across thousands of ad groups. Easily receive Quality Score recommendations & insights. Find broken links, negative keywords, keyword conflicts, and more.

Adalysis is built to easily analyze, automate, and work with accounts of any size.

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And Many More Features!
Ad TestingQuality Score history & optimizationsChange or create 1+ million ads in minutes
Keyword ConflictsN-gram dataPause or change all losing ads in one click
Negative keyword suggestionsTop ad line patternsView query data as n-grams for campaigns or entire account
Auto pause losing adsBest/worst landing pagesCreate custom filters
Ad testing historyAd extension usageBoolean pattern analysis