Brad Geddes / PPC Geek
Official Google Ads Seminar Leader.
Author of Advanced Google AdWords.
Co-Founder, Adalysis.
(703) 828-5811‬

PPC Tools.

Brad Geddes is the co-founder of Adalysis; a PPC recommendation engine that shows you exactly what needs to be done and provides custom workflows to accomplish your optimization tasks.

Adalysis automates ad testing for single ad groups while allowing you to test patterns across thousands of ad groups. Easily receive Quality Score recommendations & insights. Find broken links, negative keywords, keyword conflicts, n-gram analysis, and much more.

Adalysis is built to easily analyze, automate, and work with accounts of any size.

Take a two week free trial (yes, absolutely free – no credit card required).

There are many additional features that let you scale changes, automate ad testing, gain insights to your data, and much more.

Ad TestingQuality Score history & optimizationsChange or create 1+ million ads in minutes
Keyword ConflictsN-gram dataPause or change all losing ads in one click
Negative keyword suggestionsTop ad line patternsView query data as n-grams for campaigns or entire account
Auto pause losing adsBest/worst landing pagesCreate custom filters
Ad testing historyAd extension usageBoolean pattern analysis
And Many More Features!

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Take a two week free trial (yes, absolutely free – no credit card required)