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The Last AdWords Seminar of 2017 Will be in New York City

Certified AdWords Seminar TrainerThe last AdWords Workshop for 2017 will be in New York City on October 23 in conjunction with SMX.

You can attend SMX, only the workshop, or both.

If you’re looking to stay on top of AdWords trends and get the most out of your account, it’s a good day of intensive learning.

We redo the topics each year, and here’s what we’ll be discussing in October.

Or view it in YouTube.

2017 Agenda

Comprehensive Keyword Usage & Organization: The absolute center of every PPC campaign is keywords. We’ll start this section by correlating keywords to the buying funnel and examining the user intent. While keywords are the lifeblood of PPC, perfecting your match types usage while controlling your negative keywords can drastically increase your overall revenue. We will cover how to organize your account based upon match types, positive, and negative keywords. Everything You Need to Know About Creating & Testing Amazing Ads: There’s a reason it’s called AdWords, Bing Ads, and Ad Groups. The only part of your account that a searcher sees is your ads. We’ll cover how to:

  • Create compelling ads
  • Scientifically test ads for small to enterprise accounts
  • Find & use insights from ad testing data
  • Use ad extensions wisely

Using Impression Share & Quality Score to Make Smart Decisions Impression share shows you how often your ads are displayed and gives you wonderful share of voice data. Quality Score is a diagnostic tool that can help you understand improvements that your account needs. In this session, we will demystify quality score, show you how to analyze and improve it; and then use quality score and impression share data to determine how to increase your account’s effectiveness.

Audience Targeting Strategies Audience targeting is should be part of PPC workflow. We’ll examine display remarketing, remarketing list for search ads, customer match, and demographic targeting to cover how these features work. Then we’ll show how to create advertising strategies for your account that combines audience targeting data and other AdWords features together to fine tune your customer acquisition strategy.

Learn from others: Case Studies Do you want some examples of what has worked for other companies? In this rapid-fire case study section, we will quickly cover several case studies that will give you new and interesting ideas of what you can do with your AdWords accounts.

Open Q&A: You will have the opportunity to ask questions as we go throughout the agenda during the day; and we will end the day with an open Q&A session so you can make sure your specific questions are answered.

Networking Opportunities: Conferences are fantastic places to network and meet fellow practitioners of online marketing. Lunch will be provided so you can spend time getting to know your fellow attendees.

More Information

You can find more information here:

We hope to see you in October. So far, 2017 has proven to be have been an exciting year in Paid Search 🙂

PPC Ad Testing: Discovering what to test and how to do it

Why You Must Test Ads

Testing ads is an essential part of any marketer’s life. Your offers change, your competition changes their offers, people change how they interact with messages, and without ad testing, you will quickly fall behind the competition.

By testing ads, you are ensuring that you are constantly trying to improve your marketing. When we look at accounts that do a lot of ad testing, especially in competitive markets, we generally see one of two trends emerge.

The first trend is where you see improvements; and then your account declines, then you test more and see improvement, and then you see declines.

This is common when your competitors are constantly changing ads or when the market conditions are always in flux; for instance, in the mortgage industry, there are market changes due to mortgage types, interest rate changes, and parts of the year when people are more or less likely to move.


Last Chance to Join Us for a Week of Free Web-Based Presentations

PPC Week

PPC Week is a free week of PPC tips & tricks from the experts.

Hear from:

  • Brad Geddes
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft
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  • Fred Vallaeys (ex-Googler)
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The topics include:

  • Ad & Landing page testing
  • Audience targeting & strategies
  • Excel tips & tricks
  • Analytics & reporting

Once you register; you’ll have access to the recordings after the event if you can’t make it live to ask questions.

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How to use AdWords Channels to Bolster Your Buying Funnel

Buying Funnel Stages

When we think of AdWords, we have many channels to choose from:

  • • Search (brand, generic, products, info)
  • • Shopping
  • • 1st party audience targeting
  • • 3rd party audience targeting (Similar lists, affinity, in-market, etc)
  • • Display
  • • etc

Not all of these channels perform the same way; and they shouldn’t – they reach users in various parts of the buying funnel.

Often when we explore attribution models and account expansion; we’re not just looking at last click attribution; but mapping out the customer journey, fall off points, and areas where we want to bring in more traffic.

For example, if your brand terms and product terms are most of your account traffic, you probably have a very high CTR and conversion rate; but not huge amounts of traffic. In this case, you want to focus higher in the funnel to bring in more total traffic and leverage audiences in your marketing.

If you are using mostly display and generic keywords; you have a lot of top of the funnel traffic, but not a lot of users who are ready to buy.

By following a straightforward approach, you can increase your funnel traffic strategically:

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The Return of bgTheory

After 8 years of silence; bgTheory is back 🙂

It’s a long story; and we’ll soon post it all on CK (and here); but bgTheory has been resurrected as the home for:

  • • Brad’s blog posts (yes, there will be new articles on a semi-regular basis)
  • • Advanced AdWords Workshops
  • • New internet based training at Simplilearn
  • • PPC Consulting & AdWords Audits

And an overall central repository of information for Brad’s offerings, articles, and thoughts across the web.

The name…

I’ve never addressed this before; but it amazes me how often someone will say, “Yeah, it’s bgTheory, but I’m not really sure what it stands for” and then later (sometimes years later) say, “Oh, I get it, bg stands for Brad Geddes – this is all about your theories of the web.”

That’s why it is not bIg Theory; as my middle initial isn’t I (that would work out well, wouldn’t it?). It’s bgTheory: Brad Geddes’s theories on digital marketing (with sidetracks to productivity and other interesting tech musings).

Upcoming Articles

As a return first post (excluding this one); there’s a good one coming out next week – so stayed tuned. If you’re not subscribed; you can do so here.

A Free Week of Web-based PPC Information

The summer is slow (thankfully – we all need a break after the crazy spring and before fall holiday insanity starts); but that also means there’s not a lot of news or conferences.

Good news – there will be a conference this summer – and you can attend – for free!

It’s online; 100% virtual, and if you signup – you can even get the videos at a later date.

To learn more, take a look at PPC Week (you won’t be disappointed, the speaker lineup is fantastic).

Anyway – we’re back – and next week we’ll start posting great content on a somewhat regular basis again 🙂

Join Us for a Free Week of PPC Conferences

PPC Week

PPC Week is a free week of PPC tips & tricks from the experts.

Hear from:

  • Brad Geddes
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft
  • Unbounce
  • Fred Vallaeys (ex-Googler)
  • and more..

The topics include:

  • Ad & Landing page testing
  • Audience targeting & strategies
  • Excel tips & tricks
  • Analytics & reporting

Once you register; you’ll have access to the recordings after the event if you can’t make it live to ask questions.

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The Complete AdWords Audit Part 15: Audiences

This is a continuation of the AdWords Audit Series. You can see previous parts here: Introduction, Goal setting, Measurement, Campaign Settings & Bid Adjustments, Ad Extensions, Impression Share & Auction Insights, Quality Score, Account Structure, Keywords & Match Types, Ad Copy, Testing, the Lin-Rodnitzky Ratio, Google Shopping CampaignsBid Management and Landing Pages


I’m thinking more “audiences” and less “keywords” than ever before. – Melissa Mackey

According to many PPC experts, audience targeting was the most important trend in 2016. Which was nice after having 5 consecutive years of mobile.

And looking forward to 2017, audiences will continue to grow in importance and scale. As Melissa’s quote above indicates, thinking ‘keywords only’ really is a thing of the past. It’s the combination of intent (keyword or voice search), device, time, location and audience that we need to think about.

Most AdWords advertisers however, are familiar with remarketing audiences only. But actually this is just one of the 10 main ways you can target (or exclude) audiences in AdWords:

In the illustration above you can see which audiences can be targeted on which network(s).

And for those who like a historical perspective, see the timeline below for the years when different audiences were released in AdWords. Betas were often already available a year earlier.


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Join Us for a Live Webinar on How to Transition to ETAs like a Pro


Google’s new Expanded Text Ad format is a chance to re-imagine your ads.

It’s also a chance to become completely overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done in a short amount of time.

Acquisio & AdAlysis will be hosting a webinar that will help you walk through:

  • The transition
  • Techniques for upgrading
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • How to test your new ads
  • And much more

Register now so you can upgrade your ads to ETAs like a pro.

Join Us for a Free Webinar on Ad Testing


Facebook ads, ETAs, paid search ads, display ads, and any other ad format relies on a process for great testing:

  • Testing ideas
  • Hypothesis
  • Data metrics
  • Statistical significance
  • Taking action
  • Insights

In this webinar, we’ll cover ad testing with Facebook, how to test in paid search, and testing metrics and processes that can be used across any platforms.

Enjoy this free webinar brought to your by Duane Brown from Unbounce and Brad Geddes.

Please register here to learn how to future proof your ad copy.

Please Join Us for a Free Webinar on Scientific Ad Testing

There are several ways to test ads:

  • A/B Testing
  • Pattern Testing
  • Label testing
  • And more

And then you need to:

  • Determine winner and loser metrics
  • Segment your ad tests
  • Determine minimum data
  • Determine maximum data
  • Ensure you are confident in the results

All of these decisions are assuming that you’re testing and have ad ideas to test – the brainstorm of what to test is important. Finally, what do you do with the information?

  • Change ads
  • Launch landing page tests
  • Use the information for social or email

There are many questions to ask about properly done ad testing -and we’re going to cover them in an upcoming webinar with Invesp.

Here’s the details you need to know:

Date: Thursday, June 16th, 2016
Time: 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST
Duration: 45 minutes

If you can’t make it but would like the recording – sign up and you’ll receive a recording in the future.

Please join us for this webinar and register here.