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Official Google Ads Seminar Leader.
Author of Advanced Google AdWords.
Co-Founder, Adalysis.
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About Brad Geddes.

Brad GeddesBrad Geddes has been involved in online marketing since 1998. Over the years, he has provided a variety of consulting services, including: usability, conversion optimization, product development, product positioning, and agency consulting, He has managed, SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing campaigns for both himself and others.

One of his trademarks has been demystifying the more complicated aspects of SEO, PPC, and Internet advertising through writing, speaking, and training. Brad does not withhold secrets as he prefers to educate readers on the various aspects of crafting marketing campaigns to ensure the success for all parties involved.

Brad is not one to call himself an expert or guru. He prefers to train marketers and let the results speak for themselves. Therefore, instead of writing paragraphs that use the words “master,” “wizard,” or “thought-leader,” and name-drop companies he has worked with such as Amazon, Yahoo, and Google he prefers a simple bullet point list of facts to let intelligent readers make up their own minds.

As a Speaker:

  • • Keynoted & spoken at more than 125 conferences across the globe.
  • • Notable conferences include AdWords Days (Germany), Afri-Tech (Kenya), SEM Days (Romania), Login.LT (Lithuania), GPeC (Romania), Congreso SEM (Spain), AdWorld Experience (Italy), Search Engine Strategies (Toronto, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, London, New York City), SES Local, SMX (Seattle, New York, San Jose, Sydney, Munich, Milan), SMX Local, SMX Social, Kelsey, Pubcon (New Orleans, Boston, Las Vegas), SuperZoo, Marketing 2.0 Bootcamp, SEO Class, KBIS, Elite Master Summit, Hero Conf, adTech, and others across the globe.
  • • Featured speaker at events at both Google and Microsoft.

As a Trainer:

  • • One of only two Google-approved AdWords Seminar Leaders.
  • • Conducted more than 100 officially Google-supported AdWords Seminars for Success, attended by thousands of marketing professionals.
  • • Worked with Google in implementing their reseller training program at R.H. Donnelley.
  • • Helped institute a training program for LocalLaunch that managed more than 40,000 PPC accounts.
  • • Conducted training days in multiple countries for conferences such as SEO Class, Search Engine Strategies (in New York, Toronto, and Chicago), Refined Labs, SMX (New York, San Jose, Munich, Sydney, Las Vegas, Milan, and Seattle), and Pubcon.
  • • PPC Faculty chair at Market Motive & Simplilearn.
  • • OMCP Standards Committee.
  • • Conducted AdWords Workshops with SMX in 5 countries and 30+ conferences

As an Internet Marketer:

  • • Started designing websites in 1995.
  • • Monetized first website in 1998.
  • • Started SEOing websites in 1998.
  • • Opened first PPC account in 1998.
  • • Started affiliate marketing in 1998.
  • • Formed first agency, iDjinni Consulting, in 2002, providing usability, PPC, SEO, and affiliate marketing services.
  • • Director of Search, LocalLaunch!, 2004 (Acquired by RH Donnelley)
    • – LocalLaunch began as a boutique agency, then built a marketing platform that empowered sales forces to sell marketing products to their customer bases while LocalLaunch did all of the product’s management behind the scenes
    • – Helped grow the LocalLaunch agency that provided PPC services to companies such as Red Lobster, Encyclopedia Britannica,, and Yahoo.
    • – Helped build marketing products that were used by more than 100,000 businesses.
    • – Helped build a system that managed more than 40,000 PPC accounts.
    • – Worked with companies such as Amazon, World Directories, DEX Media, and
    • – While Brad managed vendor relations, R.H. Donnelley became one of the few Google and Yahoo resellers in the world.
  • • Formed bg Theory in 2008
    • – bg Theory is a company dedicated to consulting, educating, and training businesses on Internet marketing theory and best practices.
  • • Formed Certified Knowledge in 2010
    • – Certified Knowledge is training, tools, and community platform designed to teach companies internet marketing and save them time managing accounts with our tools.
  • • PPC Faculty Chair, Market Motive (Acquired by Simplilearn)
    • – Market Motive provides OMCP certified courses to universities and private companies
    • – Brad created and taught all the PPC courses.
  • • Co-Founded AdAlysis in 2013
    • – AdAlysis is a sophisticated ad testing & insight platform.
  • • PPC Faculty Chair, Simplilearn in 2016
    • Simplilearn provides OMCP certified courses to universities and private companies

Even More:

  • • Author of Advanced Google AdWords.
  • • Co-moderator of AdWords forum on Webmaster World since 2004.
  • • Search Engine Land columnist since 2007.
  • • Board member for Boost Media.
  • • Active blogger about PPC and marketing since 2001.
  • • Technical editor for Winning Results with AdWords, by Andrew Goodman.
  • • One of the first Microsoft adCenter Excellence Members and participated in the beta test.
  • • One of the first 100 Google Advertising Professionals
  • • Worked with a range of companies that have spent from as little as $17.50 to more than $10 million per month on AdWords.