Brad Geddes / PPC Geek
Official Google Ads Seminar Leader.
Author of Advanced Google AdWords.
Co-Founder, Adalysis.
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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing Online AdWords & PPC Training

Online AdWords & PPC Training.

Brad teaches PPC at Simplilearn. The courses are comprised of video, quizzes, and other material to ensure you have the skills necessary to move up in your career, or work with other teams, in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing 101
Learn the basics of digital marketing. This is a basic course to give anyone the necessary perspective to understand digital marketing; it’s capabilities; and how the pieces fit together. This is a great course to get you started with either PPC or digital marketing so you have a solid understanding to work with another team who is managing your marketing efforts or to start you down the path to a digital marketing career

Digital Marketing Specialist
This course is ranked #1 by Search Engine Land. Please note the #2 course is now also taught by Simplilearn.
This course takes you through SEO, content marketing, social media, web analytics, and PPC. It culminates in a Master’s Certificate. If you are looking to get an advanced training in all levels of digital marketing, this course is for you.

Advanced PPC
This OMCP certified course puts you in the race to be a true PPC Master. From keywords to audiences to testing to bidding to account audits & marketing plans – it’s all covered. If you have the basic understanding of AdWords; and are looking to up your game, this course will get you there.

Simplilearn offers many digital marketing courses at many different levels.

All the PPC courses at Simplilearn are created by Brad Geddes.

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Simplilearn offers many digital marketing courses at many different levels. It’s easy to either work with a learning consultant or view the offered digital marketing courses.