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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing What determines the Ad Group Quality Scores for AdWords

What determines the Ad Group Quality Scores for AdWords

The Ad Group Quality score is used to determine your ad rank on the content network. The better your quality score, the more impressions (depending on budget) and higher ad rank you will have across the content network.

However, before diving into the factors that determine your Ad Group quality score, let’s first discuss how content ads are served.

First, every single keyword in your ad group is examined as a whole to determine the theme of your ad group. When a page loads that contains AdSense ads (the content targeting network), that page is assigned a theme. When your ad group’s theme and a publisher’s content are closely aligned, your content network ad could be served.

So, the absolute first key is ensuring the proper ads are served is making sure your ad groups are well organized.

There are two steps to creating the Ad Group quality score.

The first step is to ‘roll up’ all of the keyword quality scores in your ad group. These are normalized by impressions and clicks. Essentially, if one keyword has 10,000 impressions and 1,000 clicks it will weigh heavier on the ad group quality score than a keyword with 10 impressions and 2 clicks.

The next step is to take the landing page into account. This is one of the major factors between the keyword and the ad group quality score. For the content network, the landing page matters. For keyword quality scores, the landing page does not matter.

We will discuss minimum bids later this week, but essentially, the difference between keyword and ad group quality scores is the minimum bid.

For AdWords, if you’re willing pay the minimum bid, your ad can be shown for search. If you are not willing to pay the minimum bid, you will not be shown for search, but you can be shown in the content network. Hence, the ad group quality score includes the landing page as a factor.

So, the factors that make up the ad group quality score are:

  • Click through rate on
    • Overall history
    • Most recent history
  • Ad copy
  • Landing page
  • Account quality score
  • Other relevancy factors

If you wish to receive more exposure across the content network, the first step is starting with good keyword organization. The second step is to make sure you have high keyword quality scores. And finally, the third step is ensuring you have a high quality landing page.

Now that you understand the factors that make up an ad group quality score, make sure you understand how each of those factors is determined.

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