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Watch 3 videos to become an AdWords Display Ad Builder Guru

Google AdWords has a tool called ‘Display Ad Builder’. This tool allows you to quickly create image, video, and interactive ads within the AdWords interface. This if very useful if you want to quickly build a variety of banner ads. These ads are only displayed on the content network.

The tool uses ad templates. You can customize the colors, images, and text within the templates to fit your needs. In addition, the Display Ad Builder will build your ad in several sizes from the single template. This is a huge time saver.

Below are some of the more useful videos to get you started with the Display Ad Builder.

Why the Display Ad Builder is Useful

Ignore the fact that the video is called ‘become an expert’. This video really shows some of the reasons you should use display ad builder and some tips for building these ads.

How to Video: Create a Display Builder Ad

This video presents a nice walk through of building an ad using the Display Ad Builder

Seasonal Templates

This is a video of building a St. Patrick’s day template. You don’t need to watch it if you’ve watched the previous video (How to create a display ad builder above). What’s notable about the display ad builder is that they launch a lot of seasonal templates that can be useful to stay relevant to holiday seasons.

Even More Videos

If you would like to see more videos about the Display Ad Builder, Google’s Business channel has ten videos in the Display Ad Builder playlist.

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