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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing The Simpliest way to Jumpstart Your Keyword Research

The Simpliest way to Jumpstart Your Keyword Research

There are two simple webpages that will help re-energize your keyword research process.

First: Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Second: Any page on the web that can be spidered and contains related information

Does that sound ambiguous?

Google’s keyword tool has a feature where it will spider any site on the web (it does obey robots.txt directions). This does not have to be your page. It could be a search result page, a static page, etc. The optional feature (which is checked below) spiders pages linked from that URL.

Google AdWords- Keyword Tool_1220713322211

Now find a page on the web that contains related information. The thesaurus is always a nice place to start:

mortgage synonym - Thesaurus.com_1220713441684

Do a search on and take the search result URL in the case of the above result and input that into the Google keyword tool. The results can quickly help you find related ideas to continue your keyword research:

Google AdWords- Keyword Tool_1220713565523

Here’s a few suggestions of where to start:

  • or
  • (but not necessarily – it’s all no-follows – Google doesn’t seem to trust it’s contributors)
  • Any site that want’s its search results to be indexed… see some huge site that’s really just mod rewriting their search results to static URLs – that’s a great site to add to your list
  • You can’t use – they don’t allow their search results to be indexed

When you’re not sure where to turn next to expand your research, don’t go hunting for new tools – just find some new sites on the web to explore. Fun and productive at the same time.

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