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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing The 8 Most Common Search Advertising Goals

The 8 Most Common Search Advertising Goals

  • ROI -These bidders know their profit by keyword (or ad group) and only bid to make a profit. They would rather a keyword not show, then show in an unprofitable position.

  • Brand Protection – These bidders want their brand in the top spot whenever a consumer searches for their brand. In fact, it’s common for these bidding to use position preference so their ad doesn’t show if it won’t be in the number one position.

  • Ego Bidders – The CEO wants the company to be number one. It’s pretty easy to manage these accounts – just keep raising your bid until your in the top spot. When you run out of money – ask the CEO for more.

  • Real Estate Buyers – These advertisers want to ‘lock up’ search results so their competition isn’t there. While this is a variation of ego bidders, there is at least a reason for being number one.

  • Traffic Moguls – I want more traffic, and then some more, and then…. These advertisers are often publishers. AdWords budget optimizer often works well. It’s not the keyword that matters, its the searcher they want.

  • Product Awareness Creators – these advertisers are in a difficult position. Product launches are difficult on the web for search as there’s not search volume yet. Success is often measured by an increase in search volume.

  • My business exists – These advertisers have a business, want consumers to know about it, and often have a hard time measuring results for a large variety of reasons. However, search advertising works because someone is looking for your keywords, therefore, even without being sophisticated, these businesses can see a nice lift from PPC advertising.

  • I want to be an ROI advertiser, but I can’t measure results. This is a very common advertiser. A business who is trying to correlate phone calls, coupons, or an increase in revenue due to online advertising. Often B2B companies with long sales cycles, or sales cycles that are driven by awareness, phone calls, in-store visits, etc. They often fall between ROI and awareness advertisers.

Which one of these are you?

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