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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing Q&A – Does conversion rate affect my quality score?

Q&A – Does conversion rate affect my quality score?

This might be one of the biggest rumors of quality score – Google uses conversion rates to calculate quality score.

Let’s put the rumor to rest: Your conversion rate does not affect your quality score.

If we were to dissect why, it comes down to a few factors:

1. Conversions are defined by your company. You can define them in any way you desire. Google doesn’t know your business well enough to understand what is a good and bad conversion rate.

2. It would be easy to game. If conversion rate affected quality score, wouldn’t we all just make a page view a conversion and have 100% conversion rates?

3. Not all advertisers are using Google’s conversion tracker; therefore, Google wouldn’t have the data on all all advertisers to implement conversion with quality score effects. (You should use both Google analytics and AdWords conversion tracking)

4. Google offers AdWords conversion tracker as a free tool to help you make better marketing decisions. They wouldn’t want to scare you away from a tool that helps you make better decisions (and thus find success in advertising leading you to continue to spend money).

Feel free to use the AdWords conversion tracker. It will help your business succeed while not having any negative effects on your AdWords account.

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