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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing PPC Writing: Creating Keyword Landing Pages

PPC Writing: Creating Keyword Landing Pages

The most important page on your site is the one a visitor is currently viewing. No other pages matter at that moment.

When someone has done a search at a pay per click search engine, they inputted several keywords, and that is what they are looking for. Never take someone directly to the front page of your site, unless it’s a very broad keyword which they are searching for, even then, use only with caution.

You want the visitor to see exactly what they are searching for as this will keep them on your site, and make it easier for them to go from a search engine to your shopping cart – the fewer steps the better.

Effective landing pages:

  • Show the user the product or information based on the keyword search preformed.
  • Product information – many users are looking for information before they buy, educate them and they will remember you.
  • One step process to conversion. If its a shipping site, one click to add product to a shopping cart. Highly useful, one click to buy product.
  • A listing of highly related or complementary products on that page.
  • Price

Effective landing pages should be one click away from:

  • Contact information, shows legitimacy of company.
  • Shopping cart review and checkout.
  • Shipping information.
  • Related products.

Many sites already have similar pages built into them, which is useful for people visiting their website through other sources, or wandering around a site reviewing products.

If you do not have structured pay per click landing page on your website, the invested time to make a landing page specific to a keyword can be a valuable investment.

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