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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing Phrase Keyword Matching for AdWords

Phrase Keyword Matching for AdWords

Phrase keyword matching is the second matching option Google AdWords offers. It is a middle ground between exact keyword matching and broad keyword matching as far as how easily the ad is triggered by searchers.

A phrase must be at least two words. This matching options is designated in the Google AdWords keyword manager by including the “keyword in quotes”.

With this option, your phrase must be included exactly as it appears somewhere in the searchers query.

If you bid on “Mexico travel”, the searches Mexico travel packages and Vacation Mexico travel would trigger your ad.

The searches travel Mexico and Mexico City travel would not trigger your ad.

Keyword phrase matching is an excellent choice if you offer specific products that people search for directly. (i.e. Cannon Digital Camera, HP 9700 Printer).

Phrase matches should make some use of negative keywords.

If you find you have a lot of phrase matches, and are not catching all the permutations of search terms that people are searching for, you may wish to convert some of these terms into broad matches.

The other main matching options are:

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