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Pay a CPM Rate to Appear on – Are your old offers still on the web?

I was searching for some information on Google’s site today and came across an offer to advertise on Google’s homepage and pay on a CPM basis.

In 2002, there was an advertising program on which was called AdWords. One could pay Google a CPM rate and have one’s ad appear. Later, Google released AdWords select which is the PPC model we’re familiar with today.

For a while, both AdWords and AdWords Select ads appeared on Google. Later, Google dropped the CPM program and went with just the PPC AdWords Select advertising method.

Very quietly, they dropped the ‘select’ and just called it AdWords.

Most people probably don’t remember the days when one could double serve on Google with both a CPM and a PPC ad. However, this page would be a confusing offer to some, and yet an offer others would jump at the chance to take advantage of.

It’s not really available anymore, however, the offer is still on the web.

Do you have old pages still on the web that no longer apply to your business?

A little nostalgia for those of us who used both AdWords and AdWords Select:

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