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PPC Writing: Creating Keyword Landing Pages

The most important page on your site is the one a visitor is currently viewing. No other pages matter at that moment.

When someone has done a search at a pay per click search engine, they inputted several keywords, and that is what they are looking for. Never take someone directly to the front page of your site, unless it’s a very broad keyword which they are searching for, even then, use only with caution.

You want the visitor to see exactly what they are searching for as this will keep them on your site, and make it easier for them to go from a search engine to your shopping cart – the fewer steps the better.

Effective landing pages:

  • Show the user the product or information based on the keyword search preformed.
  • Product information – many users are looking for information before they buy, educate them and they will remember you.
  • One step process to conversion. If its a shipping site, one click to add product to a shopping cart. Highly useful, one click to buy product.
  • A listing of highly related or complementary products on that page.
  • Price

Effective landing pages should be one click away from:

  • Contact information, shows legitimacy of company.
  • Shopping cart review and checkout.
  • Shipping information.
  • Related products.

Many sites already have similar pages built into them, which is useful for people visiting their website through other sources, or wandering around a site reviewing products.

If you do not have structured pay per click landing page on your website, the invested time to make a landing page specific to a keyword can be a valuable investment.

Crafting an AdWords Account

This overview is meant for those who have some basic understanding of Google AdWords or pay per clicks in general.

If you are still learning the basics, please read Creating your own pay per click account). Of course, you are free to continue reading. This is meant as a primer guide of how to run an AdWords account, as there is no substitute for experience and expertise.

AdWords Hypothetical Formula

As usual, I was over analyzing a few data trends and got to wondering if there is a formula which could be applied to ads to determine CTR of people who would click on an ad.

This is total speculation, and yet another long post, so not sure if people will want to participate or not, but found the topic intriguing (could be that Psyche major kicking in). Feel free to disagree, would like to see others opinions.

I’m sure I missed a factor or 3, so please add more factors that I’ve missed. Of course, every factor can’t be accounted for, but the major ones can be.

In order, would you agree that the rate is determined by:

1. Ad Position – no matter how good your copy, this is going to be the major factor.
2. Relevant Keyword (I’m sure there will be disagreement that this should be #1, but I’ve just seen too many unrelated KWs in the top positions get decent CTRs).
3. Title.
4. Competiting ads near yours – makes your ad look better or worse (or every ad looks the same).
5. Branding – have they heard of/done business with you before?
6. Total number of ads
7. Description
8. URL

Is there a major factor I missed?

Now for numbers, the reason someone clicked on your ad, which is total speculation.
1. Premium Position: 5%
2. Position: 30%
3. Relevant keyword: 25%
4. Title: 15%
5. Branding: 10%
6. Description: 10%
7. URL: 5%

Other factors:
Competition: +/- 25%
Total ads: +/- 15%

So, if your ad was:
1. Premium Position, 2nd place: 2.5%
2. Number 2 position: 25%
3. Keyword very closely related: 20%
4. Very Good title: 10%
5. They’ve seen your banners: 3%
6. Average description: 4%
7. URL: Included /Folder relating to description: 2%.
Excellent competition: -20%
Full 8 ads on page: -15%.

Would 31.5% of people who would click on an ad, click on your ad?

This can be taken even further, as the recent study by iProspect (I consider this data very speculative, but useful for this formula) determined that 27.7% of G searchers clicked on an ad.

So, 27.7% of 31.5% is 8.72%.
Would the above ad gather an 8.72 CTR rate?

Creating Limited Time ‘Sale Campaigns’ in Google AdWords

Many companies run limited time sales. Creating ads with creatives such as:

Limited Widget Sale
Low prices from $150!
Sale ends 7/5/2004

can have a very positive response, as the end date will compel people to check out your offer while it still lasts.

Don’t Search For Your Own Keywords Over & Over

Your pay per click effectiveness in Google AdWords is measured by click through rate. If you search for a niche keyword (which should not gather a lot of impressions) a lot of times, you will deflate it’s click through rate unless you click on it.

Branding with Google AdWords Content Syndication

Question: Is it worthwhile to pay more for Google AdWords content targeting to get the free branding?

Answer: Before you can determine how much you wish to pay for Google AdWords content syndication, you have to define your websites goals. Let’s look at the broad types of websites and their advertising goals.