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A Retrospective of Working in PPC For 20 Years


On December 4, 1998, I hung up the phone with a representative from and was officially a PPC Marketer. Over the course of 20 years, PPC has changed significantly, and this is a reflection of 20 years of PPC.

The Bidding Years

In the early days of PPC, there was initially, founded as an Idea Labs company by Bill Gross. Every single bid could be seen. Ad position was only determined by bid, and there wasn’t a penalty for not getting clicks.

‘PPC Skills’ meant you understood keyword research, a little bit of ad writing, and be pretty good at math. Those were the three primary skills a PPC marketer needed.

This led to two types of advertisers. The first group was those who were using a CPM model payment, as they bought CPM elsewhere. These people realized that you could buy any non-relevant keyword and it would not get clicked; but you would get the ad impressions. They viewed PPC as a way to get low cost exposure; but of course, hurt GoTo’s revenue as they didn’t want clicks. Then there were the performance advertisers. They would watch bids and make adjustments as necessary.

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See the Stats Behind AI Bidding & Learn About Leveraging AI for your PPC Accounts


Marc Porier and myself (Brad Geddes) will be hosting a webinar that looks at various aspects of AI with included stats:

  • How AI is bidding across industries
  • Why AI often raises your CPCs; and why that can be a good thing
  • The tolerance levels of humans and different aspects of AI performance
  • Why AI works better in some industries than others
  • How to evaluate industry benchmarks for your account or AI
  • Some very surprising mobile stats

The webinar will be on Tuesday, November 6th. If you register, you’ll get access to the webinar after the event.

You can register here:

AI Webinar Registration.

We hope to see you there 🙂

Free Webinar: How the Changing Paid Search Landscape Will Impact Marketers


This Thursday we’re doing a webinar on the future of paid search. What will be the biggest impact?

  • • Machine learning
  • • Voice search & ads
  • • GDPR / Legal compliance & privacy issues
  • • Attribution
  • • Something else?

Come and listen to this wonderful discussion about how the world of regulations, consumer choice, machines, technology, and of course – us wonderful humans – will affect your world.

From this holiday season to the upcoming years, the only consistency is change. Having an idea of what changes will affect you and ensuring you are prepared will make sure your paid search accounts stay successful today and into the future.

Note: if you register and don’t attend, you can listen to the recordings in the future; so, there’s not a good reason not to register.

Please register here to be prepared to the future.

How to Network at a Conference When You’re an Introvert

We’re heading to Pubcon later this year, and one of the benefits of attending any conference is networking. This is an exciting word for an extrovert and a very scary word for an introvert.

In case you’re new to the world of introverts & extroverts, here’s the bullet point definitions:

  • • Extroverts get their energy from others (i.e. social situations) and enjoy going to networking events
  • • Introverts recharge when they are alone and tend to avoid networking events or go to them with trepidation

Based upon various studies; introverts make up 16%-50% of the world’s population. There are many of us (no one seems to know how many); and some are more extreme than others. I’ve been an extreme introvert for years. For those of you who know me, this might seem like a contradiction. I speak all over the world and on a Myers Briggs scale; I’m over 85% introvert.

So how does an introvert become a good networker? Let’s take a look at a few of the secrets.

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We’ve Added One More Advanced Google Ads Workshop for 2018

We added one more workshop from our initial schedule in 2018. This one will take place in New York City on October 23, 2018.

The SMX workshops are one day intensive training session about Google AdWords (or Google Ads depending on the name you’re using right now) and how to extract the most value from your AdWords Account. We have partnered with SMX to bring you this interactive learning experience. You can attend a full day workshop, attend the conference, or do both if you desire.
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(For Beginners) The Skills You Must Develop to be a Digital Marketer

When you’re starting out, the possibilities are endless. However, everyone needs to specialize in a discipline of digital marketing to be great. We believe that you should be great in one thing, and know how the others function so you can communicate well with various teams.

When you are new, what do you want to be? Do you want to be:

  • • Technical SEO Expert
  • • On page SEO consultant
  • • PPC Analyst
  • • Data storyteller
  • • Content Creator
  • • Social Media Guru
  • • Or something else?

Each of these disciplines shares a few required skills; but in most cases, they need different skill sets ranging from hard to soft skills.

Each one of these industries attracts a different type of individual. To find out which one speaks to you, and the skills you need, please see the video we did with Simplilearn examining the necessary skills to develop, especially in a growing AI / Machine Learning world.

I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

How to Improve Your Landing Page Quality Score (video)

Landing Page Experience is 39% of of your Quality Scores. It’s essential that they are average or above average to maintain good Quality Scores.

There’s a lot of misconceptions around what makes up Landing Page Experience as bounceback rates, dwell times, and long clicks aren’t common PPC terms, yet working on these items can help to improve your Landing Page Experience.

In this video, we’ll cover:

  • How to diagnose your landing page quality scores so you know where to start
  • How to create reports & pivot tables to get a better view of your landing page experience
  • How to improve your landing page experience

To easily learn everything you really need to know about Landing Page Experience, please watch this short video.

How to use Attribution Models to Evaluation Your Channels and Set Your Bids

What happens to your conversion tracking and analytics when a customer journey look like this?

  • • User sees display ad (In-market audience) and clicks
  • • User then searches for your competitors and clicks around a few results
  • • User later searches for your brand (brand keyword) and clicks an ad
  • • User later sees your remarketing ad, clicks, and finally buys

Should your conversion be attribution to your remarketing click? Should your in-market or search brand click be given some of the credit for creating and continuing the customer journey?

This is what attribution management solves – fractional credit.

Now, we can divvy up credit between those clicks and searches in many different ways. We might evaluate the channels using one method, but give our accounts credit for bidding purposes in yet a completely different manner.

In this video, we’ll answer how to evaluate your channels and conversion channels via different attribution methods and why you should be using one or more of the models in your marketing analytics.

I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

Understand, Evaluate, and Increase Your Quality Score in Under 12 Minutes

There are days where it’s easy to feel Quality Scores are assigned by a random number generator. Google just sets a range for Quality Score, throws some dice, and assigns you a number that has a huge impact on your account visibility.

In reality, Quality Scores can be fairly predictable and aren’t that hard to work with and improve.

In this short 12 minute video; we put together what you actually need to know (no fluff, no pretty charts with meaningless numbers, just the facts and workflow) to work with and improve your Quality Scores.

I hope you enjoy the video 🙂