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Microsoft’s adCenter New Release Supports Firefox and More

adCenter had their latest community meeting yesterday and announced many new changes. These range from UI, to reporting, to new product announcements. FIrst, we’re going to walk through the new feature changes.

adCenter to support Firefox. MSN has taken quite a public bashing about not supporting this browser, and it seems they’ve fixed this issue. This will make many people in the community quite happy as it’s been a major source of contention in the past.

Significant changes to functionality. (Some are included below, others (like the copy and past of keywords being changed from 100 to 200) aren’t included below.

adCenter will now have time filters (default is month to date) when looking at data:

  • yesterday
  • this month
  • last month
  • this year
  • last year
  • life to date
  • custom date range

Improved Reporting:

  • Many backend changes that help efficiencies (what users will notice is speed changes)
  • Asynchronous data use
  • Many nice UI changes for better user experience

Improved Price Estimations

  • Will take into account rule matching changes
  • Will help set expectations for accounts
  • Forecasting is an area of focus for adCenter

Fixes from July:

  • Bug where ads were stuck in ‘pending approval’ state is fixed.
  • Admitted July was a bit difficult, however, they’ve done a lot of listening to the community and are working hard on improving the user experience. Ad approval issues were fixed.

What they’re working on:

Power Posting – This has been a much used Google feature since they introduced it a couple years ago. Basically, it’s the ability to paste a keyword into your account along with additional parameters (such as CPC, URL, etc). What will be interesting to see if MSN adCenter also allows one to paste their dynamic parameters into this string. It will take some interesting parameters and parsing abilities for this to work smoothly (and hopefully, if dynamic parameters are implemented – one will be able to preview
ads by keywords).

adCenter is looking to move to a more Windows Live type interface. Although,I do hope they don’t mimic this exactly. I had to stop using for reading blogs because of how much processing power it took. If a page was open more than 24 hours, IE was trying to use more than 1 gig of memory for a single page! AJAX isn’t necessarily you friend.

The final major feature is going to be an inherited settings dataset (which adCenter calls Cascading Settings) from the campaign to order level. Right now, one has to set all the settings at the order level (which is equal to an AdWords AdGroup), and it would be very nice if one could set this at a campaign and have those settings inherited downward (in fact,I was part of the meeting with MSN about features I wanted to see in order to improve the UI).

Overall, very welcome changes. adCenter hasn’t been live for even a year yet (The beta launched October 17th last year), and I still consider it a beta product. Hopefully, by their one year anniversary (or more importantly, the Christmas shopping season) the product will be ready to declare out of beta. Until then, it’s excellent, inexpensive inventory to add to the rest of your PPC offerings.

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