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Keyword Confusion – Do your keywords describe more than just your product?

While the word ‘bleach’ often conjures up images of housewives doing laundry, the number one demographic that searches for this word is an 18-24 year old male.

Ever heard of Japanese magna? Bleach is one of the top shows.

There are times when our keywords describe more than a single topic. It’s important to examine those keywords to determine what to do with them. In many cases, you’ll want to write something more specific in the ad copy to clarify the different. Other times, you may wish to change the keyword matching options and use more negative keywords.

In the case of bleach, one ad copy could call out Clorox; while another one talks about selling DVDs. Someone learning more about bleach’s effect on clothing is probably not in the mood to buy a magna DVD.

How do we find out this information?

Demographic Prediction

A great tool to start with is Microsoft adLabs Demographic Prediction Tool.

Demographics Prediction- Audience Intelligence- adCenter Labs_1222967339239

In adLabs demographic prediction tool, the ‘general distribution’ describes the audience who use MSN search. The ‘Predicted Distribution’ is Microsoft’s prediction of what demographics will search for that particular query.

Organic Results

Not only are organic results are a great way to kick off your keywords research, but a  quick search on Google would let the people at Clorox know there is a problem as every single top result is about anime or magna.

bleach - Google Search_1222967612578

What can be more useful than a Google search result, it a result that has information about narrowing down your query. If you had done the same ‘bleach’ query on Ask – you can see there are differences between anime and Clorox.

bleach - Web Search_1222967789328

Filtering Out the Noise

The issues is that if you are advertising for either Clorox or Bleach anime, you want to make sure you’re only being shown on appropriate keywords. One of the best ways to start is by using the AdWords keyword tool.

Google AdWords- Keyword Tool_1222969526336

You can use these results to find negative keywords so your ad is only displayed on more appropriate search results.

The other technique is to use very explicit ad copies:

Clorox Bleach
Turn your clothes whiter
than when they were new.
Bleach DVDs
Season 3 now on Sale.
Only $24.99

Don’t Confuse the Searcher

In order to have high converting landing pages, you must meet the expectations of searchers.

When searcher’s can be confused by results, or your keywords can describe other industries, follow these simple steps:

  • Examine your keywords
  • Examine their meanings
  • Use negatives to filter out the noise
  • Use ad copy to pre-qualify the keyword’s meaning (or the searcher’s intent)

Don’t just give up on the traffic – as with everything else – optimize towards what you can control.

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