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Join Us in Munich for the SMX Workshops (Advanced Google Ads) & Panel Discussions


SMX Munich is the best PPC conference in all of Germany, and once again, I’ll be there for both panel discussions and running an Advanced Google Ads Workshop.

This year, I’ll be on two different panels:

The Latest & Greatest in Online in Online Ads: Navah Hopkins & myself will be breaking down what makes a great ad these days. We’ll look at the current state of RSAs & ETAs and which is performing best these days as well as some stats comparing these ad formats. In addition, we’ll get into testing, ad extensions, and current trends with Google Ads.

Ask the PPC Experts: It’s always good to get answers to all your questions, and that’s just what we’ll do in this panel. Martin Röttgerding, Frederick Vallaeys, and myself (Brad Geddes) will take on all answers and get into fun discussions as to anything PPC related.

As usual, we’ll kick off SMX Munich with an advanced Google Ads Workshop.

Advanced Google Ads Workshop Agenda

The Buyer Journey: We’ll relate this information to each section throughout the day.

Match Types & Organization: With the change to match types comes a change to your organization. We’ll cover the new match types as well as get into n-grams and Levenshtein distance.

Perfecting your ads & ad testing: From DSA, RSA, ETAs, and more. We’ll go into ad structure and scientific testing so you can pull marketing insights out of your ad tests.

Using Impression Share & Quality Score to Make Smart Decisions: We’ll get into the nuances of quality score and show how to work, graph, and increase yours.

Audience Targeting Strategies: We’ll make sure everyone understands the options, and then look back at the buyer journey to plan out how you use your audiences.

Automating Your Account: We’ll get into what can be automated as well as what should not be automated to make sure you know how to be efficient with your time. By the end of this session, you’ll know when and how to leverage automation for many aspects of your Google Ads account.

In addition, there will be networking opportunities and plenty of time to get into a variety of questions with our Open Q&A session.

If you can’t make it to Munich, here’s where we’ll be this year:

March 1-2, 2023SMX Master Class, VirtualMore Details & Registration
March 14, 2023SMX MunichMore Details & Registration
August 16-17, 2023SMX Master Class, VirtualDetails coming over the summer
Custom WorkshopsVirtual or In-PersonWe'll design and deliver a workshop for your team.
Please contact us for more details.

You can register here or see the full agenda here: Google Ads Workshop Agenda or see a video of the agenda:

We hope to see you in Munich 🙂

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