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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing Join Us for a Look at 2016 PPC Predictions

Join Us for a Look at 2016 PPC Predictions

It’s 2016: Are you thinking about what the year is going to bring to PPC?

I’m doing a webinar on Thursday (January 28) with two of the industry’s best about what’s coming to PPC, some big recent changes, and we’re going to look into the future of paid search.


You will hear from Marc Poirier, the CEO & Co-Founder of Acquisio. Fred Vallaeys, the CEO of Optmyzr and long time industry veteran, and myself (Brad Geddes), a 17 year vet in PPC.

We’re going to hit a lot of topics on a lot of topics in a nice roundtable discussion in a short amount of time. We plan on touching on:

  • The changing dynamics of agencies
    • Should you even target enterprise companies anymore?
    • What does marketing automation and customer journey marketing mean to you?
  • The changing world of targeting
    • How audience targeting and customer match works
    • Is this going to compliment or supplant keywords?
  • What is going on with Bing/Yahoo?
    • Verizon owns AOL
    • AOL is now powered by Bing
    • What’s up with Yahoo?
  • Is voice search all it’s cracked up to be?

We’ll take audience questions and look into our crystal balls and try to predict (or at least trend) what’s on store for the future of PPC.

Registration is free, but the seats are limited. You can signup for the webinar here: 2016 Predictions Webinar.

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