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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing Join us at SMX Advanced for Free

Join us at SMX Advanced for Free

SMX advanced is going to be virtual and completely free in 2022.

I’ll (Brad Geddes) be involved in several aspects of SMX.

Day 2 Keynote: Finding the balance between creativity and automatio
I’ll be presenting the day 2 keynote on Finding the balance between creativity and automation. I’ll dive into utilizing machine learning while still maintaining a human’s strengths of strategy, creativity, and the one of ‘steers’ the machine.

Session: How to audit your Google Ads account like a pro
Auditing your Google Ads account is always useful as it gets you out of the day-to-day task chaser mindset and takes a more wide angled view of your account. I’ll be conducting this session on behalf of our PPC software company, Adalysis (Free 2 Week Trials Available).

Roundtable: Revisiting campaign organization: A roundtable discussion
I’ll be moderating a roundtable discussion with 3 brilliant PPC specialists, Melissa Mackey, Aaron Levy, and Duane Brown. We’ll be chatting about how account structures have changed with changes to match types, automated campaigns (Performance Max and Discovery), RSAs, among other changes. We’ll get into how today’s campaign organization looks for a variety of account types and sizes.

Coffee Talk: All-things RSAs
I’ll be hosting Coffeetalk on day 2 where we have a group discussion on RSAs. This is an information gathering before the conference starts to chat about how RSAs are doing, best practices for managing and creating them, and any other discussions around this new ad format.

Moderating Q&A
In addition, I’ll be moderating the Q&A for several different sessions.

More about SMX

You can see the Full Agenda.
You can Register for free here.

I hope to see you at SMX Advanced this year 🙂

FYI – I’m hoping we’ll return to in-person events and workshops in 2023. It looks like we will have an in-person Munich workshop, but no word on the US events yet.

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