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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing Is AdSense cleaning house before advertisers see all the data?

Is AdSense cleaning house before advertisers see all the data?

There have been several threads lately about AdSense publishers receiving letters from Google about their accounts being closed on June 1. The most common reason for the dismissal from the AdSense program has been ‘unfit business model’.

The speculation is that these letters are mostly being sent to publishers who are using arbitrage as their business model, which makes sense as the Google AdSense TOS has included provisions that one should not make pages just to serve ads.

I find it very interesting that this is occurring before Google rolls out their new advertiser report which lets advertisers run stats across the content network.

I’m in the beta program which lets me see click through rates, conversion rates, dollars paid, etc to every site in the content network sending me traffic. It’s a fantastic idea, and one many advertisers will applaud. It will also force content sites to send better traffic since advertisers will have this visibility.

It seems the timing of these two items are mysteriously close to each other.

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  1. Shelley
    May 31, 2007 at 4:46 pm ·

    Okay…so maybe the reason I’m only seeing a tiny portion of the overall content stats is because Google wants to clean house first. I could live with that better than what I was told regarding Google having certain agreements with certain content partners so that those stats are not shown on the report.