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How to Run Foreign Language PPC Campaigns

This is a guest post by David Chapman, the Director of Marketing at Webrageous and a specialist in pay per click campaign optimization.

The first thing to get straight regarding foreign language PPC campaigns is why they are important.

Why should you run a foreign language PPC campaign?
Even though the entire world seems to be fixated on the idea of learning English for work purposes just as much as for travel, the Internet is not dominated by native English speaking users. In fact, approximately half of the Internet user community is made up of non-native English speakers.

It is true to say that English is the most widely used language online, used by PPC advertisers, SEO experts and content writers for example, but it still only represents a mere quarter of all the languages presented online and this proportion continues to drop every single day.

This means that the time for investing in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish or Portuguese PPC campaigns has finally come. It is something that all businesses should be seriously thinking about should they want to find further online advertising success in the coming years.

Half of the online community does not speak English as a foreign language. This certainly doesn’t stop this community from clicking on English PPC advertisements and checking out the products and services on offer. However, few people trust buying something online or signing up for something online when the advertisement is not in their native language. Even if you happen to be bilingual, native ties are strong and trusting 100% in an advertisement in another language is perhaps something that we are all, unconsciously, unable to do.

Producing top quality content, posts or articles for your site in foreign languages is a great idea, but SEO does take longer to generate an improved ROI, which is another reason why the foreign language PPC campaign is an important addition to the overall effective marketing strategy of any company or organization.

How to begin implementing your foreign language PPC campaign

There are a number of things you need to consider when putting a foreign language PPC campaign into practice, but some are far more fundamental than others. If you ensure that the following ideas have been duly covered, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty launching your first foreign language PPC campaign and making a success of it.

1. Place 90% of your attention on your choice and use of keywords

Unless you really are bilingual, any kind of translation that you make to your keywords when developing your foreign language PPC campaign could lead you into trouble. Never trust computer translations and never underestimate the importance of local knowledge and context.

If you think that you can simply translate your advertisements from one language to another and use the same copy translated, you will be bitterly disappointed. What functions well in one language does not necessarily work well in another. The translation might be perfect, but the average Internet user just doesn’t use that particular phrase when searching for your type of company on the Internet.

“Nightclub” or “Club” works great in English and were you to run a foreign language PPC campaign in Argentina “Club” would also work fine. However, “Boliche” would work 100 times better as the word is far more common, but the word “Boliche” would get you nowhere in all the other Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. The word is simply not used and perhaps even unknown by the majority.

It is a really good idea to work with a local who can help you to translate your keywords and find an appropriate match when you are first putting together your foreign language PPC campaign.

2. Work with a native copywriter or marketing specialist for all website copy

Naturally, it is not just the keyword list that needs to be translated well, but the advertisements, landing pages and all other website copy too.

Therefore, you really should consider hiring a professional translator for all online translation tasks when running a foreign language PPC campaign. It really is the only way of being able to ensure that your campaign is as target-audience friendly as possible.

3. Tips on hiring the perfect translator for your foreign language PPC campaign

If you are about to embark on your first foreign language PPC campaign, it is probable that you don’t already have a translator that you can trust. Hiring a translator is difficult, because if you are not bilingual you cannot really be sure whether or not the translations that you are paying for are really meeting the high expectations you deserve.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to contract more than one translator and run their advertisements on a rotation basis to begin with. Take note of which advertisements seem to be doing the best and then offer that translator a little more work in terms of more advertisements to translate and more landing page or website copy. Keep the other translators on board and monitor the progression of each one.

If the translator that initially brought in great results continues to generate success via his or her copy translations too, you might have found your perfect translator. If not, you might want to reconsider and give another translator the chance to shine. Eventually, you will find the translator that you need and the two months that it might take for you to make a decision will be well worth the wait.

4. Be on double alert for click fraud

Click fraud is something that we have to be aware of when running PPC campaigns in our native language. Consider what the threat might be like when you have to manage a campaign in a foreign language.

You really do need to be on double alert until you become familiar with the way in which things operate. This means checking impressions, click-through-rates and conversions regularly. Be on the alert for anything that looks suspicious in any way.

5. Continual optimization is still the name of the game

It is important to remember the basics. A foreign language PPC campaign is just as much work as a PPC campaign in your native language. In fact, if anything, a foreign language campaign is probably even more work in terms of optimization until you manage to find a routine and rhythm that works.

If your idea is to simply create a foreign language PPC campaign and then leave it to simmer and do its work, you should really know better. Any campaign that is left to its own devices is a campaign heading for failure. You need to continually optimize your campaign and get into the habit of making daily adjustments or check-ins as part of your regular working routine.

Optimization for foreign language PPC campaigns is just as intensive as the optimization that you are already involved in.

This is a guest post by David Chapman, the Director of Marketing at Webrageous, who is an expert in PPC Advertising and a specialist in the management of Google AdWords Advertising Campaigns.

Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily bgTheory. If you would like to write for Certified Knowledge, please let us know.

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