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High Growth Firms Use PPC 3X More Than Average Growth Firms

This is a guest post by Sean McVey.

Last week, Hinge Research Institute released an online marketing research study that analyzes the effectiveness of various digital marketing techniques for professional service firms.

500 firms participated, and as part of a larger survey each was asked to rate 15 techniques on two factors:

1. The level of focus the firm puts on each technique

2. The effectiveness of each technique for lead generation

The research team took a close look at one group of firms that was growing the fastest (based on year-over-year revenue) and generating 40% of their leads online. The goals was to understand how this high growth group was finding success with online marketing.

Data pertaining to PPC advertising shows that high growth firms focus on this technique over three times more than average growth firms:


In addition, high growth firms rated PCC more than twice as effective for generating leads than average growth firms.


To round out the study, 20 top online marketing experts were interviewed and asked to rate the effectiveness of the same marketing techniques. The experts’ ratings aligned closely with those of the high growth firms.


Why is it that the experts and high growth firms rated PPC as more effective?

The data don’t provide a definitive answer, but it is likely that the experts and high growth firms better understand how to get value out of PPC advertising than do average growth firms.

Many firms simply pour money into paid search — with dreadful results. But companies that fully tap into PPC’s potential are able to generate consistent, positive results.

For a breakdown of the other 14 online marketing techniques, download the full report (it is free; no registration required).

Sean is an Online Marketing Strategist at Hinge, a firm specializing in branding and marketing for professional services firms. For follow up questions, you can reach him on twitter @SeanTMcVey.

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    November 16, 2011 at 10:27 pm · Reply

    PPC can get results instantly, SEO really takes some serious investment of time and patience. But again, it’s more than possible to lose your shirt quickly in a PPC campaign for a competitive market. It can get expensive..

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