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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing High Converting Landing Pages

High Converting Landing Pages

There are certain elements that high converting landing pages should have and certain rules they should adhere to. Here’s the quick list to follow:

  • Ensure that your landing page and ad seamlessly blend together.
    • If you surprise a visitor, then your conversion rate can suffer.
  • Forms can be intimidating:
    • Simplify the form process whenever possible.
  • Products:
    • Quick click add to cart
    • Easy navigation to related items
    • Easy to find shipping price & deliver time
    • Detailed product info within 1 click
  • Shipping Prices:
    • Allow users to easily determine how much shipping will cost
    • If your ad claims free shipping, make this clear on the website
  • Subscriptions / Downloads:
    • Should contain simple form
    • Should not ask for more data than necessary
    • Track form abandonment (and where on the form they are abandoning)
  • Personal Information Collection:
    • Users are increasingly concerned about privacy. Easily allow one to view your privacy policy. If you do not need certain information, then do not ask for it.
    • Make sure pages that collect information are secure pages (and that the user knows it)
    • Trust seals (SSL, Better Business Bureau, etc)

If someone is ready and willing to give you their credit card – Make it easy for them!

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