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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing Google AdWords Premium Positions

Google AdWords Premium Positions

The top two positions on Google, when the link banners are above the search results and not to the right, are very coveted positions.

They use to be very expensive banner ads, but Google has since promoted certain AdWords to those positions.

For an ad to be promoted to the top premium position, it must be the highest ranking ad (see AdWords rankings info), and meet minimum CTR and CPC requirements. These requirements are not publicly posted by Google.

If your bid rank is in the second position, you not only need to meet the minimum CTR and CPC requirement, the ad above you must meet them as well.

This has caused some problems on AdWords. If someone bids an outrageous amount for their max CPC, and has a very low CTR rate, the formula will allow them to be the top ranking ad. However, since that ad has a low CTR, it will not meet the requirements for being promoted to the premium position.

If the ad above you is not promoted to the position, then the second ad will also not be promoted as it will not leap from the top ranked ad even if it meets those requirements.

If you have a very high natural listing, these positions might not be what you are looking for as all your website information will be at the top of Google’s search result page. We suggest looking at your natural results for those particular keywords, and placing your ad on a different position on the page so your website gets maximum pay per click exposure.

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