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Google AdWords Change History Tool

The AdWords Change History Tool lets one view what changes were made to an account. It even shows you which login made the change.

For those of you who are unaware, you can have multiple logins to the same AdWords account. Having multiple logins (including giving the API access one that no one else uses at all) is very useful from a tracking standpoint.

The Change History Tool lets you see changes in your account that can  be segmented by:

  • Date
  • Campaign
  • Change type

This is very useful in both troubleshooting accounts and to see who is making (or not making) changes to your account.

Hopefully, Google will take this one step further and actually give permissions by logins similar to Yahoo’s Panama system.

At present, if someone has access to your account, they can do anything. If multiple people have access to your account, it’s important to run this tool on occasion just to see what has been happening to your account.

If you want someone to make account changes, but you don’t want them to have full access to your account, consider using the AdWords editor. The editor has the ability to export an account to someone else using the software. They can then make changes and send it back to you for review before the changes are made live. This is an excellent way to ensure that only the changes you wish are happening to your account.

The AdWords blog wrote about the change history tool for troubleshooting this week.

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