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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing Do you want a Master Certification in PPC?

Do you want a Master Certification in PPC?

Market Motive offers master certifications in a variety of disciplines from analytics to conversion optimization to PPC.

Earlier this year, I took over the PPC Faculty chair at Market Motive and have had a great time working directly with students in both teaching them Google AdWords marketing; and working with them to improve some of their current accounts.

The new semester will start on January 16th; and runs for three months.

When you take the class, you will get:

  • Access to many PPC lessons
  • Access to lessons from other disciplines
  • Regular homework assignments
  • Weekly quizzes
  • A graded final exam
  • Weekly office hours with Brad Geddes (me)

What’s the Difference between Certified Knowledge and Market Motive?

This might sound odd that I founded a site that is based upon PPC tools and training, and also train at what could be considered a competitor site. However, the value propositions are so different – I thought I’d spell them out for everyone so they can see the difference.


Certified Knowledge has more than 150 lessons from the basics to the advanced on PPC. Our lessons are completely self-guided; so you need self-discipline to get through them all.

Market Motive Master Certification is three month course that has regular check-ins, homework assignments, and due dates. So, if you are not good at self-discipline – Market Motive’s deadlines will help set a three month pace to get through hall of the information.


Both Market Motive and Certified Knowledge offer a way to communicate with other members and ask questions. Market Motive’s ‘ask the experts’ forum will let you gain valuable knowledge from a large variety of sources.

Certified Knowledge has a private members group where I often post findings of tests I’m running, announcements of new features, etc; as well as private Q&A between members.

Cross Disciplines

Certified Knowledge is currently geared just towards PPC (although, we will be launching some new sections in the upcoming months). Market Motive is comprised of the ‘dream team’. The faculty includes Todd ‘Stuntdubl’ Malicoat, Bryan Eisenberg, Avinash Kaushik, among many others and includes information from several disciplines.


Certified Knowledge contains several time saving tools. Market Motive does not have any tools.

Weekly Office Hours & Monthly Workshops

This is one of the real benefits of Market Motive. We do weekly one hour calls via GoToMeeting to talk about the lessons and any other questions the students have. Considering our rates start at $400/hour; this is an excellent deal. We also do a monthly Market Motive workshop on a variety of  topics.

Advantages to Being Members of Both Sites

I recently ran into some Market Motive students a few weeks ago that work for a large agency. They use Certified Knowledge mostly for the tools and Market Motive mostly for cross discipline training. In fact, they told me that they would pay much more each month for Certified Knowledge just to use our Ad Copy Creation Tool as it saves them 15-20 hours for every new account they build.

Others use Certified Knowledge for the PPC tools and the members forum and Market Motive for the other marketing disciplines.

Of course, there are many members that are just here and others that are just at Market Motive. It depends on your price points and what type of experience you are looking for as to which site (or sites) fit your needs the most.

Learn More

You can start a 7 day free Certified Knowledge trial to see our tools and training in action.

Learn more about the Market Motive PPC Certification Course.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

I hope to see you inside one or more of these fantastic sites.

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  1. hamlou
    January 11, 2012 at 6:07 pm · Reply

    i do want to be a master PPC certified, but I want to know how much it will cost me

    • brad
      January 12, 2012 at 7:44 am · Reply

      You’re best bet is to chat with the team at Market Motive. You can contact them here: Feel free to call them; they are very responsive to phone calls.

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