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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing Broad Keyword Matching for AdWords

Broad Keyword Matching for AdWords

The most open ended searching string that Google AdWords offers is broad keyword matching.

This matching options has a lot of positives and negatives, and should be used with care.

Broad keyword matching is the best way to catch large permutations of searches for your products.

If you bid on the broad term Mexico Travel, your ad will be shown for such searcher as:

Mexico travel, travel Mexico, travel packages Mexico, Mexico city travel packages.

While on the surface, this seems a great way to go, there are many pitfalls associated with broad match which necessitates the need to extensively use negative keywords.

Why? Take a look at what else the broad matches Mexico travel will also be shown for:

Mexico travel homes. Mexican flights. New Mexico travel. Bus travel in Mexico. Mexico travel visas. rv travel in Mexico.

While some of these broad match keywords might be optimal for your site, odds are, many others will not.

Broad keyword matching options are very good if you are a local business who wants to advertise on a the internet which is world wide. Including a state or city in your broad match will quickly cut down searches to people who include that term in their query, allowing you to advertise for a large variety of products only to those looking in your physical area. The other excellent pay per click advertising opportunities for those in a local area is Regional Targeting.

Broad keyword matching can work wonders for finding many search permutations regarding your site. It is essential you understand what search queries trigger these ads and extensively use negative keyword matching in conjunction with such a program.

The other main matching options are:

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