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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing Be careful of using discount codes in your ad copy

Be careful of using discount codes in your ad copy

I was doing a search this morning and an ad caught my eye “Use Discount code udf80 for 10% off”.

I clicked thru to the landing page; and could not find the discount code anywhere.

I went back to the search page, the ad wasn’t there (probably a budget limitation).

I refreshed the page a couple times, and saw a different ad for the company that did not have the discount code it in.

After ten minutes, I gave up trying to find the code.

This type of experience should hurt your bottom line. Most people do not stop and copy a discount code in the ad copy before clicking through to the landing page.

Reinforcing your ad copy on the landing page is important. In this case, showcase your offer by reinforcing the discount code on the page (and this will create a static page that the user can return to again).

The use of discount codes can help get a sale if someone can easily use the code.

Offering a code that can’t be found later will frustrate the user and can result in a lost sale. You don’t want to send the user on a chase for a discount code for your product that could easily lead them to a competitors site instead.

Always make sure the buying process is easy.

Always make sure the landing page is an extension of the ad copy.

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