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How to use Attribution Models to Evaluation Your Channels and Set Your Bids

What happens to your conversion tracking and analytics when a customer journey look like this?

  • • User sees display ad (In-market audience) and clicks
  • • User then searches for your competitors and clicks around a few results
  • • User later searches for your brand (brand keyword) and clicks an ad
  • • User later sees your remarketing ad, clicks, and finally buys

Should your conversion be attribution to your remarketing click? Should your in-market or search brand click be given some of the credit for creating and continuing the customer journey?

This is what attribution management solves – fractional credit.

Now, we can divvy up credit between those clicks and searches in many different ways. We might evaluate the channels using one method, but give our accounts credit for bidding purposes in yet a completely different manner.

In this video, we’ll answer how to evaluate your channels and conversion channels via different attribution methods and why you should be using one or more of the models in your marketing analytics.

I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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