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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing AdWords Shows Conversion Numbers in AdGroup View

AdWords Shows Conversion Numbers in AdGroup View

One of the most requested features that advertisers have for Google AdWords is a view of actual conversion numbers next to the conversion rate. While one can do some quick math of multiplying conversion rate by clicks to arrive at a rough conversion number, it would be nice to see the actual number.

It is possible to see these numbers, it’s just a rather hidden feature.

First navigate to an adgroup that has conversion tracking turned on. Next, click on either the keyword or ad text tab. If you hover your mouse over the conversion percentage in either view, a small pop-up box will be displayed showing the actual number.

Google AdWords Conversion Pop-up Box

It would be useful if Google would include this as a sortable column; however, for now, one has to rely on either running a report or using this trick for a quick peak into the actual conversion number.

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