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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing AdWords Editor Shortcuts

AdWords Editor Shortcuts

The AdWords Editor can make managing Google AdWords accounts much easier. It’s a quick desktop software that relies on your machines speed, and not the speed of the AdWords interface to make changes to your account.

One of the features since it is desktop software is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts. I’m not sure why all of the shortcuts are not in the AdWords documentation, but you can find the current list below:


Control+O Open account
Control+R Get recent account changes
Control+S Post changes
Control+A Select all items in data view
Control+Z Revert selected changes
Delete Key Delete selected items
Control+C Copy
Control+X Cut
Control+V Paste
Control+Shift +V Paste Special
Control+K Add keyword
Control+Shift+K Add multiple keywords
Control+L Add negative keyword
Control+Shift+L Add multiple negative keywords
Control+M Add campaign negative keyword
Control+Shirt+M Add campaign negative keywords
Control+T Add text ad
Control+Shift+T Add multiple text ads
Control+G Add ad group
Control+Shift+G Add multiple ad groups
Control+D Add draft campaign
Control+N Add campaign
Control+W Exit AdWords Editor
Control+1 Navigate to keyword tab
Control+2 Navigate to text ads tab
Control+3 Navigate to negative keyword tab
Control+4 Navigate to ad groups tab
Control+5 Navigate to campaigns tab

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