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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing Advanced Google AdWords Book – Now Shipping

Advanced Google AdWords Book – Now Shipping

Advanced Google AdWords is the most advanced book on AdWords techniques, tips, and optimization tricks on the market.

I’ve spent the past year putting my decade of PPC knowledge into a single book, and I must say, I’m quite proud of the results. It has been a difficult, but very fun process.

The book covers a large range of topics. Here is a list of the chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Search Theory
  • Chapter 2: Keyword Research
  • Chapter 3: Keyword Tools: Chapter 4: Writing Compelling Ads
  • Chapter 5: Landing Pages that Convert Searchers into Buyers
  • Chapter 6: Advanced Optimization Techniques
  • Chapter 7: Demystifying Quality Score
  • Chapter 8: Beyond Text: Image, Video, and Mobile Ads
  • Chapter 9: Understanding the Content Network:
  • Chapter 10: Advanced Content Network Techniques
  • Chapter 11: Advanced Geographic Targeting
  • Chapter 12: Save Time & and Scale Accounts with the AdWords Editor
  • Chapter 13: Profitable Bid Strategies
  • Chapter 14: Successful Account Organization Strategies
  • Chapter 15: Testing Techniques That Will Increase Profits
  • Chapter 16: AdWords Reports: How to Extract Actionable Information
  • Chapter 17: Step- by- Step: Create & and Monitor Your AdWords Account

You can read full summaries of the chapter contents on the website.

The book also contains $175 worth of discounts:

  • $25 AdWords coupons (for new accounts only)
  • $50 Two Day AdWords Seminar coupon (when hosted by Brad Geddes)
  • Up to $100 off Certified Knowledge (our newest project)

However, you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s a list of testimonials from industry veterans:

Most books about search advertising show you how to do it. In Advanced Google AdWords, paid search expert Brad Geddes takes it to the next level, showing you not only how to get the most from your search advertising campaigns, but more importantly why you should use specific features and techniques, who you should be targeting with your creative, and when to use the scores of advanced tactics he describes for maximum impact and profitability. I’d advise buying more than one copy of this book because you’ll wear one out from constant use.

Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land

The thing that differentiates this book from other AdWords guides is that it takes you inside the mind of a successful paid search advertiser and walks you through each and every step of the auction and advertising process. The two consistent strengths of the book are its ability to ground the reader in the core goals of their advertising program (generating leads and sales through effective targeting and messaging) and its relentless attention to detail. That perspective and thoroughness mean that the book is accessible to less sophisticated advertisers, and ensure that there are a series of valuable nuggets for intermediate and even expert AdWords users.

—Tom Demers, Director of Marketing with WordStream

Brad is the go-to guru for AdWords. Advanced Google AdWords is actionable, readable and has tons of handy tips that any online advertiser can try immediately. Even if you think you know everything about Quality Score or the Google content network, you’ll find things you haven’t thought about that can boost your sales right away.

—Ron Drabkin, VP Business Development,

Brad has made a lot of people a lot of money in some of the most competitive markets of PPC marketing. Now he’s put all his knowledge into one book. Buy and read this book before your competitors do!

—Adrian Bye, Founder,

Ironically, it’s hard to find complete, accurate, and intelligent information about how to build and manage paid search campaigns. Brad Geddes is one of the few people in the PPC world that I trust to deeply know the facts, communicate them clearly, and add value with insights that save time and/or money. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to really learn paid search and discover the best ways to improve their results.

—Craig Danuloff, President, ClickEquations

Brad’s book is the most comprehensive compilation of Google AdWords tools and how-to advice I’ve seen in some time. He gives a thorough explanation of the theory and history of search, and provides detailed, specific instructions on execution of strategies & tactics covering every possible facet of Google AdWords. Every online marketer, from novice to expert, will find this an invaluable resource in getting the most out of their AdWords campaigns.

—Melissa Mackey, Online Marketing Manager, Fluency Media; Search Engine Watch Expert Author, Search Advertising

Brad Geddes knows marketing, and he understands the inscrutable mind of Google—a killer combination when it comes to explaining AdWords. His book is a powerful combination of deep insight and simple prescriptions that will help anyone, from AdWords novice to seasoned pro, get more clicks and make more sales. I’ve never seen a clearer discussion of the buying funnel as it relates to choosing keywords and writing ads. And you ignore the chapter on Quality Score at your own risk. This book raised my game—and I’m sure it’ll do the same with yours.

—Howie Jacobson, Ph.D., author, Google AdWords For Dummies

There are many paid search experts out there, but Brad is unique in that he is not just an expert, but is able to effectively communicate his knowledge to those who are new to the field. It is rare to find someone in the industry that has such a deep understanding of a topic that can teach both the basics and the robust features of paid search.

—Barry Schwartz, CEO of RustyBrick, Editor at Search Engine Land & Search Engine Roundtable

Brad Geddes is one of the few AdWords experts I always pay attention to. He’s one of the best in the field. This book is incredible comprehensive, illustrative, and readable. Both beginners and experienced pay-per-click marketers will find invaluable insights here. Brad fills in a lot of gaps that the AdWords Help screens don’t cover. Otherwise, you’d have to get the info from an AdWords rep, and only the biggest spenders get the best attention from these reps. Heeding this book’s advice from the start will save you a lot of money and get you much better results. Highly recommended.

—Brian Carter, Director of PPC, SEO, Social Media at Fuel Interactive

If Google set out to make AdWords simple—they failed. Brad steps into the breach and makes things clear, understandable and profitable for us mere mortals with a marketing background.

—Andy Atkins-Krüger, CEO WebCertain

Successful PPC campaign organization and management is more complex than one would originally think. Thankfully, the author has provided us with a highly practical, easy-to-understand guide to launching and managing PPC campaigns that will simplify the process and increase the likelihood of great results. Brad really opens your eyes to not only how, but to why things should be done. For instance, in the chapter on ad writing you are given proven best practices, but also taught how to get into the minds of the search prospects and meet them where they are at in the sales funnel. Awesome! Whether you’re a beginner or have been running PPC campaigns for a whi
le now, you can be sure your head will be exploding with new ways to make your campaigns more effective and profitable.

—Stoney G deGeyter, CEO, Pole Position Marketing

Brad gets it! He has a wealth of hands-on experience and shares it freely. If you want to drive and convert Google AdWords traffic, you need to read this book—now!

—Tim Ash, CEO,; author of Landing Page Optimization; chairperson,

I’m not going to lie. I’m jealous. This is the AdWords book I wish I had written. I’ve been following and learning from Brad Geddes for years and without a doubt, this is the single most useful, detailed and comprehensive book on AdWords available. Who is this book for? Absolutely everyone who uses Google AdWords. No only will beginners get a lot from this book, but seasoned professionals with years of experience will pick up a lot more than a few nuggets. This is it. This is the AdWords book that others will try to match. This is the only book about AdWords you will ever need. Brad has brought something truly useful to the advertising community.

—Dale Davis, Managing Director, RedFly Limited

This book translates years of successful experience into language anyone can learn from to improve their skill level and understand paid search at a higher level. For years Brad has been my go-to source for the hardest of AdWords questions no one else could answer. Understanding the evolution of paid search is key to taking advantage of the nuances and complexities of current search algorithms. Brad does the impossible by teaching you high-level skills that will equate to actionable strategies you can apply immediately. He describes the lifecycle of paid search, and most importantly how to create a strategy from this understanding that applies to you. Brad has stayed fresh and documented his decade of experience and teaches people with a patience level acquired from years of teaching in person that results in an attention to detail that will be hard to find in any other book on the subject. The money you will save on understanding quality score alone makes buying this book a no-brainer.

—Todd Malicoat, SEO Faculty at Market Motive

This is a book you’ll keep on your desk, not your bookshelf. Brad Geddes explains advanced optimization in plain, simple language. You read it and it makes sense, so you trust it. You read it and you understand it, and so you can put it to work on your own campaigns. He makes it seem easy, and that’s the brilliance of this book. Even as Google continues to expand and evolve, the techniques shown in the book will still be perfectly valid—they are built on a very sold technical foundation. I highly recommend it to any serious PPC campaign manager. Well done, Brad!

—Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster

Brad Geddes is the clearest voice on advanced AdWords teachings, tactics and strategies. I’m constantly referring to Brad’s articles and sharing them with others to help our clients make tens of thousands of dollars in their PPC campaigns—so be sure to grab a copy of Brad’s new book. One of the best things I like about Brad’s knowledge is that he is constantly sharpening his blade by teaching (Google’s Seminar for Success, AdWords advanced courses) and doing (running his own campaigns) so his writing reflects his deep knowledge of the intricacies and details which, when followed, lead to improved campaign results. There are a handful of books on the market which give you a broad understanding of the psychology behind how to advertise on Google; in Advanced Google AdWords Brad gives you that plus a practical, step by step plan to leverage what you’ve learned by including the technical details you need to turn your knowledge into action.

—Timothy Seward, Founder, ROI Revolution, Inc.

Brad has been the authority on Google AdWords for years, and this book is the best training tool I have seen since Google’s own training on their program. Brad goes a step further by explaining everything from where PPC advertising got started to advanced optimization techniques. If there is one part that I focused in on the most, it was keyword and ad group organization. As Brad says, it is the most time consuming but most rewarding tactic you can use in PPC marketing. If you want to learn AdWords, this is a fantastic book to read to get the whole picture.

—Kate Morris, Search Engine Marketing Consultant,

Very few people have the grasp and understanding of Google’s content network or the ability to use words and illustrations to make it look so easy. From best practices to organizing your campaigns to the importance of placement performance reports, you’ll find it step by step in Advanced Google AdWords.

—Shelley Ellis, CEO, Shelley Ellis Consulting

Brad Geddes is the quintessential AdWords authority. His love of sharing information and his deep knowledge of pay-per-click systems makes this book a compelling read. This book hits the mark by blending practical with creative strategies to help me organize, quantify, and present ads for the most effective return on investment.

—Brett Tabke, CEO, Webmaster World

For years, I’ve been recommending Brad Geddes to people who ask me for AdWords resources. I’m thrilled to now have Brad’s book Advanced Google AdWords to recommend as well. This book clearly walks through every step of the paid search process in accessible, relatable language. Just as importantly, Brad keeps the focus on the audience. He understands that it’s not enough to know how to create and buy ads and ensure they are visible in Google search results. The real goal is to connect your business to the right searchers, engage them, and turn them into paying customers. That’s what this book will help you do.

—Vanessa Fox, author, Marketing In The Age Of Google

Many AdWords advertisers realize that the search and content network need different approaches. The problem is that most don’t know how to handle the difference so they just ignore the content network. Big mistake. The content network has the potential to deliver more visitors with lower CPC’s. Brad does a great job in breaking down, with a flowchart no less, how the approach to the content network differs and how to implement a winning content network strategy. Brad even goes a step further by showing you how to put a laser focus on certain content network sites to get the most out of what is available. If you want to boost your content performance you need t listen to what Brad has to say and follow in his steps.

—Rob Lenderman, Founder, Boost CTR

Brad Geddes takes the reader by the hand, starting with the basics of search engine marketing, then steadily introduces more advanced concepts and more powerful tools. I really appreciated his consistent focus on maximizing conversion rates. All the traffic in the world won’t help us unless it generates leads and sales. As a primer, a field guide, and a reference, this book will be a constant companion for online marketers at all levels of experience.

—Brian Massey, The Conversion Scientist

This book is a must read for anyone working with AdWords! Whether you only have a basic understanding of AdWords or if you are AdWords certified this book will give you insight from someone that continues to see success within the industry. This book will take your understanding of AdWords to the next level. In this book Brad’s advanced knowledge in optimizing accounts for top performance is displayed. There are plenty of golden nuggets in this book that will surely help you in optimize your accounts for top performance!

—Troy Stockinger, senior account manager, Findability Group

For years I
have been seeking out the one book that I can turn to when I need both a basics refresher and when I tackle more advanced AdWords tactics. Brad Geddes has finally provided me with such a resource. In Advanced Google AdWords, Geddes demonstrates his years of expert experience in paid search marketing as he demystifies the many components involved with AdWords and shares valuable secrets of those successfully dominating the AdWords platform. I can officially say my search is over—if you are looking for the one book that will help you drive qualified traffic to your site and increase ROI, you just found it!

—Joanna Lord, Director of Customer Acquisition & Engagement, SEOmoz

What separates this book on Advanced Google AdWords from the others on the bookshelf is the brilliance of the author and the wealth of experience he has in the search industry. Brad Geddes is well known amongst other leaders in search and is often sought for his expert opinion on AdWords campaigns and optimizing campaign performance by decreasing spend while increasing overall ROI. He has consulted online advertising agencies on setting up keyword taxonomies, written articles for major search news websites and has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies on the implementation and performance of their PPC initiatives. Frankly stated, Brad is frequently sought for his insights on all areas of search because he knows what works and more importantly, he knows how to explain paid search strategies to any audience regardless of level of experience. I am thrilled that Brad has written this book as I, as well as you, will use this tool frequently.

—Michael Martin, Director of Search Platform, AT&T Interactive

Brad has been the #1 resource on AdWords for many years and getting some of his insights has been priceless to many in the past. Now that he finally released his book I have to admit that this is probably the best book on the market for advanced AdWords topics. If you’re serious about using paid search, this book is a must buy. Not only does Brad share tips that were never published before, but also gives help on how to use your time as efficient as possible.

—Thomas Bindl, Founder/CEO Refined Labs

The word "expert" gets thrown out there a lot in the digital marketing industry, but Brad Geddes is FOR SURE one of our top experts in search engine marketing. I’ve had the pleasure to learn from Brad through the years through his various writings and speaking engagements. Bottom line, do you want to know how to win at paid search? Do you want to become an advanced AdWords user and make your organization successful at using PPC? Then read this book. Brad has compiled into one resource what it would take you a decade to learn yourself.

—Joshua Dreller, Vice President, Media Technology and Analytics at Fuor Digital

Brad Geddes has a knack for translating complex concepts into easy-to-understand information. I’ve heard Brad speak many times over the years and always send my staff to his ‘Seminars for Success.’ I’m thrilled that he’s published a book, which my team can use as a manual on an ongoing basis. ‘Advanced Google AdWords’ is a superb overview of Google AdWords. It starts at a beginner level and goes step-by-step through the strategies and tactics for setting up and managing campaigns. The book also includes plenty of advanced content, even covering topics like Google’s content network, image and video ads, and understanding reporting data. Specific screen shots and examples are included, which help illustrate each point. ‘Advanced Google AdWords’ should be required reading for anyone, at any experience level, who’s advertising on AdWords.

Stacy Williams, President, Prominent Placement, Inc.

You can buy your own copy at Amazon, or read much more information about Advanced Google AdWords on the AdWords Book Website.

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  1. James
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    Very Cool Brad! Congratulations. I ordered a copy immediately. I know it will be more than worth the price!

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    April 4, 2010 at 6:03 am · Reply

    Many congratulations Brad! For me I didn’t need to go through testimonials to order the book. Your name on the book is suffice for me. Just waiting eagerly to get my hands on the book. I know it’s worth it 🙂

  3. RNasty
    April 10, 2010 at 4:49 pm · Reply

    I was really surprised when I saw such a low price. I expected much more. Is there a digital version of it?

    BTW, I noticed typo above – Dale Davis

    • Brad Geddes aka eWhisper
      April 12, 2010 at 7:13 am · Reply

      There’s not a digital version yet. I’m hopeful that we’ll get enough requests for a Kindle version that it is made into a Kindle version or that Sony eReader picks it up. However, those requests are sent through the bookstore of choice and when there’s enough requests then the book is created into a digital version.

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    Could this book also be available for users with a paypal account? Thanks!

    • Brad Geddes aka eWhisper
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      Since this book is being distributed through a publisher, and not self-published – the payments options are based upon what the bookstore you are buying the book from accepts. If you have a PayPal debit card number, then you can use PayPal via most stores that accept credit cards.

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    Thank you for your reply.

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    Visiting this post on an iPhone and maybe it’s due to looking at all type at the visual equivalent of 8 point type, but where is the Buy button for me to purchase the book?

    Would be worth it to place a few buy buttons throughout the testimonials to help promote impulse purchases.

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    I have ordered your book (! Looking forward!

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    The Best Adwords Book in 2015!

    It opened my mind and I was able to devolope further my Adwords strategies!

    Thanks Brad!

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