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Brad Geddes's Theories on Marketing AdAlysis is Now Open: Powerful Ad Testing Made Easy

AdAlysis is Now Open: Powerful Ad Testing Made Easy


I’ve been working on AdAlysis (with some other team members) for a couple years, and we’re finally ready to launch the program for everyone to enjoy.

AdAlysis is an automated testing platform and ad workflow system for AdWords. It will automatically determine every place where you are testing ads (segmented by effective device), and then alert you when you have statically significant results. In addition, AdAlysis has a nice workflow system so you can easily pause ads, create new ones, and only work in areas where you have actionable data.

There’s a lot more features, such as:

  • Multi Ad Group Testing (testing ad patterns or strings across multiple ads at once)
  • Testing by:
    • Click through rate
    • Conversion per impressions
    • Cost per action
    • Conversion rate
    • ROAS
    • Revenue per impression
  • Pick your minimum data (time, clicks, conversions, impressions, confidence factors) or use the defaults
  • Ad templates
  • Ad insights
  • Testing alerts
  • And a lot more

Learn more about Adalysis.

Take the two week free trial.

Here’s a promo video about the system:

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